132: Freshwater Lakes with Frances Lucy and Joerg Arnscheidt

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2dRKxn9Bj1jbziatAxO3Ax?si=f580687e0c0b4b2a This is the third episode in our series dedicated to the CANN project. Our guests are Professor Frances Lucy who is Head of Department of Environmental Science and a long-term researcher at the Atlantic Technological University in Sligo and Dr Joerg Arnscheidt from the School of Geography & Environmental Sciences at Ulster University. https://youtu.be/2K02xcUdc30Continue reading 132: Freshwater Lakes with Frances Lucy and Joerg Arnscheidt

Is Angling a Blood Sport?

Just the other day, my buddy and I were unpacking our gear and were about to take a walk to our fishing mark. A passing family with two small kids waved at us and wished us good luck. This was not an uncommon occurrence. Many times, over the years, I have been greeted by, and … Continue reading Is Angling a Blood Sport?

Sportsmen and Ecologists

While recording episodes of the podcast I get to meet and speak with people involved in the outdoors. Most of them are interested in the use and preservation of the natural environment. Among those people two distinct groups stand out the most: sportsmen, most often represented by hunters and anglers, and ecologists as in conservationists … Continue reading Sportsmen and Ecologists