Episode 14: Wild Adventure Way with Caroline Birch

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7kY9jVUhSm0m537O2ZaWHW?si=BGe4nhcSRbaWC4Gv9eiwKQ&dl_branch=1 In this episode my guest is Caroline Birch, CEO of the Wild Adventure Way. Caroline is an energetic, positive and open-minded person. We cover a whole host of topics. We discuss what adventure is and why we need it. We cover in detail various types of surfing. We also talk about hunting and connection … Continue reading Episode 14: Wild Adventure Way with Caroline Birch

Cycling 101 – part 1

When we first get into cycling it seems quite easy, as long as we already know how to ride a bicycle. After a while however, we discover that there is more to cycling than meets the eye. There are questions about safety, maintenance and other issues. Thankfully, experienced road men have already figured them out. … Continue reading Cycling 101 – part 1

Episode 13: Cycling with David Elton

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0O0tPdAKIyl6D7Y7VZWZlX?si=CRRA74K1Q6ixZ8l2nmEg4w&dl_branch=1 This time my guest is David Elton who covers more road in Kerry on a bicycle than most others. David is a hard-core cyclist, cycling blogger and co-author of the Cycling Kerry guidebook which he wrote with Donnacha Clifford who was our guest on the episode 4 of the podcast. In this episode David … Continue reading Episode 13: Cycling with David Elton

Catch and Release

The practice of catching a fish for sport, with rod and line, and then releasing it back to the water is known as Catch and Release. It has been discussed countless times in books, magazines, face to face conversations and on the Internet. Before writing this piece, I asked myself a question, “Does the world … Continue reading Catch and Release