Episode 27: Sailing with Damian Foxall

https://open.spotify.com/episode/33HKhOvPYgG4xBKpEGhizM?si=nbbxid5sShWeSx-hCxfcfA&dl_branch=1 Ever since I started the podcast I wanted to talk about sailing. So I was truly honoured when my invitation was accepted by Irish national hero, Damian Foxall. Damian is a veteran of ten round-the-world races, which include four 1st place finishes. He has sailed in no less than five Volvo Ocean Race campaigns, … Continue reading Episode 27: Sailing with Damian Foxall

Extinction Rebellion

There is a lot of buzz, at the moment, around the activist group called Extinction Rebellion. The group is organizing direct action campaigns and acts of civil disobedience in a protest against governmental inaction on climate change and disappearing wildlife. As concerned as I am about the environment and wildlife I have mixed feelings about … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion

Episode 26: Running with Patrick Mercie

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2EyPQdV5q8nkLEPmc9l7we?si=0ulJmp-vQ629GsKzBLkcLQ&dl_branch=1 Patrick Mercie is an avid runner and ultra-runner, a businessman, a life coach and owner of The Intentional Academy. In the podcast Patrick is sharing with us his unique approach to life which he applies to all aspects of it, including his running. While listening to this episode, you will not only hear interesting … Continue reading Episode 26: Running with Patrick Mercie