Episode 73: Quantitative Ecology with Kilian Murphy

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5PpbgyBWwj3qTBdY9vLooi?si=oDLTR1OYR4OYK2b1mnE_xw&dl_branch=1 Is it possible to use artificial intelligence to tell us how rewilding will look in any area where it is implemented? Is it possible to create a computer model that would tell us how the species eradicated from the landscape hundreds of years ago would behave when reintroduced? Listen to my conversation with Kilian … Continue reading Episode 73: Quantitative Ecology with Kilian Murphy

Episode 72: Seal Rescue Ireland with Mel Robinson

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2COe4fIED4IjYC2cjR9i6n?si=B5g2_Q14S72agN41yEcsow&dl_branch=1 In this episode, I talk with Mel Robinson who is the Director Of Animal Care for Seal Rescue Ireland. While listening to this episode you can learn what Seal Rescue Ireland is, how and why they are helping seals, as well as a few rather interesting facts about seals. https://youtu.be/4iwQPazpfEQ In the podcast, we … Continue reading Episode 72: Seal Rescue Ireland with Mel Robinson

A Big Bass from a New Mark

https://youtu.be/tanZhwK-JuI The choice of fishing marks, limited by the lockdown, forced me to settle for spots that I could reach without breaching the geofence set by health authorities. Check out this short story about working a new bass fishing mark.

Lockdown Fishing

Like most of you I feel the impact of the covid pandemic. Outdoor pursuits are among the impacted activities. Even though many of them could be considered the original forms of social distancing. Obviously any travel, even very near, is off the table. Luckily for me I have access to a beautiful coastal area just … Continue reading Lockdown Fishing