Episode 66: African Wildlife Conservation with Adam Hart

https://open.spotify.com/episode/49dL6VfpP9Ias3HAPTxhz4?si=cBsvituHTRaZ7iZkbY3Cjg&dl_branch=1 The issue of African wildlife conservation is very complex and difficult. There are many factors that have to be considered, some of them are literally a matter of life and death. All that immersed in a highly emotional atmosphere. This subject is infinitely interesting to me. So, today I am delighted to bring you … Continue reading Episode 66: African Wildlife Conservation with Adam Hart

Sportsmen and Ecologists

While recording episodes of the podcast I get to meet and speak with people involved in the outdoors. Most of them are interested in the use and preservation of the natural environment. Among those people two distinct groups stand out the most: sportsmen, most often represented by hunters and anglers, and ecologists as in conservationists … Continue reading Sportsmen and Ecologists