Episode 12: Angling with Kuba Standera

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3uMBZ59WiOdPGgTFAFSimr?si=_9AJMh6HTt6UmTzUEguRbw&dl_branch=1 In this episode of the podcast my guest is a true legend of the local angling community, Kuba Standera. He is an angler, fishing guide, co-founder and former editor of a leading Polish fly fishing magazine and, recently, founder of Pirate Lures, hand made soft-plastics. He will share with us his vast experience and … Continue reading Episode 12: Angling with Kuba Standera

Pike on jerkbaits

As spring approaches and nature wakes up from its winter sleep, spending time outdoors becomes more tempting. Springtime presents sportsmen with an opportunity to try one of the best, most spectacular and satisfying ways of angling available: fishing for pike with jerkbaits. And by pike I refer to the fish our American friends call Northern … Continue reading Pike on jerkbaits