Episode 74: Marine Recreational Angling with Diarmuid Ryan

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4UdEeh5g9vMMaKWqHLLaH7?si=R1Ns1CFiQ-u7FCO9JY_kkg&dl_branch=1 A few weeks ago Inland Fisheries Ireland distributed an online survey through social media, looking to gather information from all Irish sea anglers. The survey was part of a new programme called the Irish Marine Recreational Sea Angling Survey or IMREC for short. IMREC’s aim is to show how fishing activities relate to stock … Continue reading Episode 74: Marine Recreational Angling with Diarmuid Ryan

A Big Bass from a New Mark

https://youtu.be/tanZhwK-JuI The choice of fishing marks, limited by the lockdown, forced me to settle for spots that I could reach without breaching the geofence set by health authorities. Check out this short story about working a new bass fishing mark.

Episode 12: Angling with Kuba Standera

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3uMBZ59WiOdPGgTFAFSimr?si=_9AJMh6HTt6UmTzUEguRbw&dl_branch=1 In this episode of the podcast my guest is a true legend of the local angling community, Kuba Standera. He is an angler, fishing guide, co-founder and former editor of a leading Polish fly fishing magazine and, recently, founder of Pirate Lures, hand made soft-plastics. He will share with us his vast experience and … Continue reading Episode 12: Angling with Kuba Standera