Lockdown Fishing

Like most of you I feel the impact of the covid pandemic. Outdoor pursuits are among the impacted activities. Even though many of them could be considered the original forms of social distancing. Obviously any travel, even very near, is off the table. Luckily for me I have access to a beautiful coastal area just … Continue reading Lockdown Fishing

Episode 67: World Sport Fishing with Richard Sheard

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3aR10DC8UsvcBJOixiZ4yA?si=cKQsSPdgRc64LoYkm7tM5A&dl_branch=1 I had the pleasure to fish with Richard a number of years ago on the waters of Bjagos Islands archipelago in Guinea Bissau. That is without a doubt one of the highlights of my angling career.  Richard runs World Sport Fishing, a fishing and shooting holiday outfit. So if you are after a bucket … Continue reading Episode 67: World Sport Fishing with Richard Sheard

Episode 58: Shore Fishing in Norway with Irish Angling Adventures

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1MVtnl4NcH9ygVdaFAKTbV?si=CMGSAb1xSGiz_MVGuqYmmQ&dl_branch=1 James is a fellow blogger and vlogger on Irish Angling Adventures. We had the pleasure to host him on episode 42. The second part of that podcast was dedicated to his trip to the Norwegian island of Vega. We finished that podcast with James’s plans to come back to this excellent fishing spot. Not … Continue reading Episode 58: Shore Fishing in Norway with Irish Angling Adventures

Is Angling a Blood Sport?

Just the other day, my buddy and I were unpacking our gear and were about to take a walk to our fishing mark. A passing family with two small kids waved at us and wished us good luck. This was not an uncommon occurrence. Many times, over the years, I have been greeted by, and … Continue reading Is Angling a Blood Sport?

Episode 52: Angling Trust with David Mitchell

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2ALCL6j28EilqiUeyPqZRL?si=np5QyAiFQzSEgxCgHgogGg&dl_branch=1 We have spoken many times about the need for advocacy for hunters and anglers, strong organizations that would represent sportsmen’s interests. Angling Trust is one such organization. Its aim is to represent anglers from England and Wales. Our guest is Dave Mitchell who is Angling Trust’s Head of Marine. He is also a board … Continue reading Episode 52: Angling Trust with David Mitchell

Tommy’s Outdoors on Carrie Zylka’s Hunt Fish Travel Podcast

https://radiopublic.com/huntfishtravel-podcast-with-carri-6rNgq4/ep/s1!bff18 It’s shark week! And it is no secret that I have a pretty intense, brief history as a shark angler. Some evidence of that can be found in the gallery and video sections on this website. So, I was stoked to be invited to the shark week edition of Carrie Zylka’s Hunt Fish Travel … Continue reading Tommy’s Outdoors on Carrie Zylka’s Hunt Fish Travel Podcast

Catch and Release

The practice of catching a fish for sport, with rod and line, and then releasing it back to the water is known as Catch and Release. It has been discussed countless times in books, magazines, face to face conversations and on the Internet. Before writing this piece, I asked myself a question, “Does the world … Continue reading Catch and Release

Episode 12: Angling with Kuba Standera

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3uMBZ59WiOdPGgTFAFSimr?si=_9AJMh6HTt6UmTzUEguRbw&dl_branch=1 In this episode of the podcast my guest is a true legend of the local angling community, Kuba Standera. He is an angler, fishing guide, co-founder and former editor of a leading Polish fly fishing magazine and, recently, founder of Pirate Lures, hand made soft-plastics. He will share with us his vast experience and … Continue reading Episode 12: Angling with Kuba Standera