Speaking, Workshops, Media

Tommy Serafinski
Podcaster, Speaker, Outdoorsman

I now offer public speaking engagements, workshops and written opinion pieces on subjects such as:

  • Effective Communication Practices for Scientists and Environmentalists
  • Communication About Nature and Human-Wildlife Interactions
  • Climate Change and the Biodiversity Crisis
  • How Businesses Need to Adapt in the Face of Environmental Change
  • Practical Tools for Leadership and People Management

Outside of podcasting, in my professional life, I’m the head of research and development at a hi-tech company. I have over two decades of experience in leading time-zone distributed, multinational teams in the technology sector. During this time I have delivered countless presentations and communicated with teams as well as stakeholders up and down the chain of command. This enabled me to develop effective leadership and communication skills and to understand the critical role of communication in delivering desired outcomes.

I have years of experience as a podcast host where I talk with world-class experts, scientists and practitioners in the field of natural sciences, conservation and practical wildlife management. In preparation for these conversations, and to satisfy my curiosity, I read countless books and hundreds of scientific papers. Then, I often end up interviewing their authors. These conversations, as well as my constant pursuit of first-hand experiences in the outdoors, have enabled me to build substantial knowledge and develop unique views about human-wildlife interactions, the natural environment and our relationship with nature.

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