148: Environmental Dialogue with Rob Yorke

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Those of you who follow me on social media already know that last week I gave a presentation about the use of podcasting for communicating complex and nuanced ideas to non-experts. The presentation was part of the 7th International Journalism Symposium on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wildlife Resources. The symposium was moderated by a well-known environmental dialogue broker, Rob Yorke.

Having Rob right then and there I couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit down with him for a quick podcast about communication in the environmental space. It was one of those crazy episodes recorded in a hotel lobby with crowds of people walking by and the sun shining right into the camera lens. Those of you who know Rob and his work can probably guess that it would be difficult to summarise in just a few sentences what we were talking about. So, you need to push that play button and listen to our conversation.

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