Episode 96: Blue Sharks with Simon Thomas

https://open.spotify.com/episode/69UycnG0BNXoXUQKjzcmKf?si=jK3My6OyS12D-cvlICacjw&dl_branch=1 My podcast listeners have heard, more than once, that there was a time when I was absolutely crazy about shark fishing. Among the many species of sharks present in my local waters, blue sharks (prionace glauca) have a special place in the hearts of sea anglers. These sharks are still relatively abundant and provide … Continue reading Episode 96: Blue Sharks with Simon Thomas

Angling for Critically Endangered Fish

My good fishing buddy posted some photos from his two-day boat fishing trip. One of the typical grip-and-grin photos showed him with the porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus). This made me envious. As a compulsive-obsessive shark angler, I chased these sharks for many years. I was only successful once and the specimen I caught was very … Continue reading Angling for Critically Endangered Fish

Episode 52: Angling Trust with David Mitchell

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2ALCL6j28EilqiUeyPqZRL?si=np5QyAiFQzSEgxCgHgogGg&dl_branch=1 We have spoken many times about the need for advocacy for hunters and anglers, strong organizations that would represent sportsmen’s interests. Angling Trust is one such organization. Its aim is to represent anglers from England and Wales. Our guest is Dave Mitchell who is Angling Trust’s Head of Marine. He is also a board … Continue reading Episode 52: Angling Trust with David Mitchell

Episode 41: Fish and Stay with Luke Aston

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6JL10HTx8QjfhLRNj99Auj?si=huzZO3GtTe68VL5Ye7i0yA&dl_branch=1 This episode of the podcast is especially close to my heart as our guest is my friend and seasoned charter skipper, Luke Aston. I have spent many hours at sea on a purpose-built, first-class sea angling boat, Clare Dragoon, skippered by Luke and operated by Carrigaholt Sea Angling Centre. If that sparks your interest … Continue reading Episode 41: Fish and Stay with Luke Aston