149: Changes to Deer Hunting and Firearms Licensing in Ireland with Liam M. Nolan

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There is a lot going on for Irish deer hunters at the moment. First, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine launched a Public Consultation on the Management of Deer in Ireland. There are a lot of questions and worries about the potential outcomes of this consultation. The online survey published as a part of it only confirmed these concerns. There is a common perception that it was constructed to lead to a preconceived outcome rather than to solicit an honest view of the situation.

Second, the Department of Justice formed The Firearms Expert Committee to review the firearms licensing regulations. This is further raising concerns among hunters because the committee refuses to consult with the Firearms Users Representative Group and the report published by the committee indicates that it is venturing outside of the scope of its original remit. It is important to remember that Ireland already has one of the most restrictive firearm control laws in the world.

To discuss these pressing topics I invited Liam Nolan, the Course Director of the Deer Alliance HCAP. Liam has been involved in deer hunting and more generally, game shooting in Ireland for the past 45 years. He is one of the most prominent figures in the Irish deer hunting space. He is also a practising Barrister, all of which makes him expertly positioned to discuss issues on the border between law and hunting.

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