143: Emergent with Miriam Kate McDonald

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In conversations about nature and wildlife, we often observe an ideological divide between two groups: farmers and rewilders. This divide can be seen in their different approaches to conservation and land management. Farmers tend to prioritise the production of food and other resources, while rewilders focus on restoring natural habitats and ecosystems, with a focus on ecological processes.

We often ask the question of whether farming and rewilding can coexist. Today we are going a step further and asking if farming and rewilding can support each other. To answer this question I talk with Miriam Kate McDonald, an ecologist and farmer, who recently published her book titled “Emergent: Rewilding Nature, Regenerating Food and Healing the World by Restoring the Connection Between People and the Wild”.

In the course of our conversation, we talk about Miriam’s internal struggle between viewing the landscape as a farmer and as an ecologist. She was initially torn between the two perspectives but ultimately came to illuminating conclusions, which we discuss in detail. Other topics we touch on are soil health, regenerative farming, agroforestry and more.

As always you can purchase Miriam’s book using the provided links. This is also a great way to support my work as I get a small commission from every purchase.

In Emergent, Miriam McDonald explores the relationships that bind our world together. It is by reintegrating lost species with historic ranges that rewilding reignites the miraculous dance of life across landscapes. It is through reforming severed relationships that regenerative farmers build soil, produce nutrient-dense food and foster a renewed sense of kinship and community.

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