Bijagos Sport Fishing

The Bijagos Islands is an archipelago in Guinea-Bissau. A fishing lodge at Acunda offers basic facilities, good fishing boats and skippers. Excellent base for fishing the outermost islands and marks. Fishing trips booked through

Music: “22 waves” by 100percentelectric under Creative Commons license

Two men wrestling a shark

Female blue shark estimated at 130 lb. Luke and myself were trying to control the fish to take a few photos. Don’t try this at home!

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Music: “Wait A Minute” by Anitek under Creative Commons license

Blue Shark Raw

It was still early on the west coast for Blues so skipper set up for a long drift. We had lots of rubby dubby with us on the boat going out. As the day went on it looked like the shark were going to let us down when after 4 hours we had a dropped run and almost straight away had a shark on another rig. This turned out to be a female around 75lbs.

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