145: The Future of Hunting with Richard Prideaux

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With declining wildlife populations, expanding urbanisation and dwindling social acceptance of hunting I often question whether this activity has a future. Add to the list the ageing population of hunters and the minimal recruitment of new hunters from young generations and the picture doesn’t look pretty. So is hunting fading into the history books together with the abundance of wild game and fish?

To discuss this topic I sat down with Richard Prideaux, a wilderness skills and survival instructor, writer, photographer and host of the Modern Outdoor Survival podcast. I heard Richard talking indirectly about hunting and its future and I thought he had an interesting perspective on it. Of course, I have my own views on this subject and so I was eager for this conversation.

And so we discussed various environmental and socio-economic issues that are impacting hunting and its perception among wider society. I must admit that some of Richard’s views were not what I thought they would be. So that made for an interesting conversation. I am sure that regardless of whether you’re for or against hunting, you will find this discussion valuable.

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