Episode 48: Green Party with Pippa Hackett

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Ff8KCu6dcLl0TIVzmn1n9?si=wWXFES1nR8W7_bzrKzMpdA&dl_branch=1 This is another episode of the podcast where I talk with the representative of a political party. The goal is, as always, to dig a little deeper into some of the issues affecting the outdoors lifestyle. This time our guest is Pippa Hackett who is a Green Party Councillor and a spokesperson on Agriculture, … Continue reading Episode 48: Green Party with Pippa Hackett

Extinction Rebellion

There is a lot of buzz, at the moment, around the activist group called Extinction Rebellion. The group is organizing direct action campaigns and acts of civil disobedience in a protest against governmental inaction on climate change and disappearing wildlife. As concerned as I am about the environment and wildlife I have mixed feelings about … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion