140: Salmon Aquaculture and Coastal Communities with John Aitchison

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I knew that salmon farming was bad but I didn’t realise quite how bad it really is. Salmon aquaculture creates massive ecological and welfare issues for the fish. Both farmed fish as well as wild fish populations are negatively affected by open-net aquaculture. And that is even before I mention the impacts the industry has on coastal communities. The massive amounts of toxic waste, misuse of pesticides, diseases and spread of parasites that negatively affect wild salmon are just the tip of the iceberg.

To better understand the issues examined in this episode, I talk with John Aitchison. John is an acclaimed wildlife filmmaker but he is also an environmental activist at the Coastal Communities Network Scotland NGO. During our conversation, we take a closer look at the Scottish salmon farming industry. However, the issues we discuss apply equally to Ireland, Norway or anywhere salmon aquaculture is present.

I am pretty sure that after listening to this episode you won’t buy farmed salmon again, which you shouldn’t, or you will at least take a pause and consider your choices.

Hero image courtesy of Corin Smith – copyright.

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