134: Ocean Science with Adam Mellor

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Oceans have a profound impact on weather patterns and the planetary climate. Therefore it is essential to understand the processes that drive the ocean climate and the behaviour patterns of ocean creatures. To discuss these topics our guest today is Dr Adam Mellor who is the Principal Scientific Officer at Agri Food and Bioscience Institute and the Science Lead on the COMPASS project.

This is also the first of a series of episodes where I talk with scientists from COMPASS. It is a cross-border project that aims to integrate the longest continuously maintained oceanographic monitoring stations in Europe. They are fitted with equipment including oceanographic sensors, acoustic recorders and fish tracking technology.

In the course of our conversation, we discuss extreme ocean climate events like ocean heatwaves, technical details of running oceanic buoys, ocean plankton and some details about project COMPASS itself.

COMPASS is an INTERREG VA funded project.

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