127: Seabird Monitoring and Tracking with Katherine Booth Jones, Daniel Johnston, Jacob Davies and Kendrew Colhoun

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This is the second episode dedicated to the Seabird Monitoring work package at the MarPAMM Interreg project. It also concludes a six-part series in which we delved into the project’s work packages. Our guests are Katherine Booth Jones, Daniel Johnston, Jacob Davies and Kendrew Colhoun who you might remember from episode 125.

Continuing the topic from our previous episode, today we’ll talk more about the research conducted as a part of the Seabird Monitoring work package. Listen and learn many fascinating facts about seabirds and their biology. Unlike in previous episodes which focused on methods, today my guests also share some of the preliminary results of their research. Over an hour of delicious seabird nerdiness! It is always a pleasure to talk and listen to scientists who are not only knowledgable but also passionate about the subject of their research. Enjoy!

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