128: Rhythms of Nature with Ian Carter

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This week, Ian Carter, naturalist, ornithologist and author, is back on the show with his new book titled Rhythms of Nature. (Previously, Ian was our guest on episode 105.) I really enjoyed his last book so I was eagerly awaiting his next publication. Rhythms of Nature delivers a great, engaging read and, like Ian’s previous book, provides food for thought. As usual, you can expect a review on this blog in the coming weeks. For now though, I invite you to listen to my conversation with Ian.

The book discusses a wide range of topics related to the natural world and our relationship to it. Which, as you know, aligns almost perfectly with my show’s tagline. There are too many interesting subjects in the book to discuss in one episode. Although the book is not dedicated to hot-button topics, I decided to pick a few of the most interesting and currently debated. Namely, land access and the conflict surrounding field sports in the UK.

Rhythms of Nature is dedicated to the author’s observations and experiences in nature and is a very pleasant read. Even if you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or naturalist I am sure you will learn something new.

Time outdoors is always well spent. It raises the spirits, sparks the imagination and, as research increasingly shows, measurably improves our physical and mental wellbeing. Rhythms of Nature celebrates this fundamental relationship with the natural world, and considers some ways we might rediscover it.

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