137: Salmonid Studies with Richard Kennedy

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Salmonids are fascinating fish and that’s not only because of their life history strategy. They also have huge importance for the health of ecosystems. And, albeit to their detriment, they are also important for the economy. Of course, I cannot omit the fact that they are prized by anglers as sport fish. Even though we already had a general discussion about salmon in episode 63 and a talk with men facing the dangers of fighting with salmon poachers in episode 51, today we offer a different perspective with more of a focus on sea trout.

This is another episode dedicated to research conducted during the COMPASS project and as the title suggests we focus on salmonid studies. Our guest today is Dr Richard Kennedy who is a Senior Science Officer at AFBI (Agri Food and Bioscience Institute). During our conversation, we talk about the differences between salmon and sea trout, and their conservation status as well as dedicate a significant chunk of our discussion to the aims and achievements of the COMPASS project study.

And if after listening to this episode you still want a deeper dive you can check the scientific papers on Richard’s Research Gate profile.

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