SeaMonitor-STRAITS Conference

Regular listeners might remember that two years ago I published a series of episodes about the SeaMonitor project and related research. So it was my great pleasure to accept an invitation to the two-day long SeaMonitor-STRAITS Conference, which marked the close of the SeaMonitor project and the launch of the STRAITS project. The speaker list … Continue reading SeaMonitor-STRAITS Conference

137: Salmonid Studies with Richard Kennedy Salmonids are fascinating fish and that’s not only because of their life history strategy. They also have huge importance for the health of ecosystems. And, albeit to their detriment, they are also important for the economy. Of course, I cannot omit the fact that they are prized by anglers as sport fish. Even though … Continue reading 137: Salmonid Studies with Richard Kennedy

134: Ocean Science with Adam Mellor Oceans have a profound impact on weather patterns and the planetary climate. Therefore it is essential to understand the processes that drive the ocean climate and the behaviour patterns of ocean creatures. To discuss these topics our guest today is Dr Adam Mellor who is the Principal Scientific Officer at Agri Food and Bioscience … Continue reading 134: Ocean Science with Adam Mellor