133: Blanket Bog with Roisin Grimes and Paul Sherlock

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Welcome to the final CANN project episode. Today I’m going to talk with Roisin Grimes, a Peatlands Senior Technical Officer at Ulster Wildlife and Paul Sherlock, a Conservation Officer with the CANN project. As you might infer from the title we discuss restoration and conservation work on upland blanket bogs by the CANN project.

As usual, we start with an introductory discussion about upland blanket bogs, explaining what they are and what differentiates them from other types of bogs. Then we discuss in more detail the work they’re doing and the importance of engagement with stakeholders. We also talk about the species of wildlife inhabiting blanket bogs as well as the new and innovative technologies used in the CANN project. For me, the highlight was our discussion about the use of the autonomous robo-cutter, instead of burning, to control vegetation.

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